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Roles & Responsibilities of an IAS Officer

IAS Officer– The most desired & respected career which proves the quote, “With great power comes great responsibility”. To become an IAS officer itself a very tedious task and if we talk about the roles & responsibilities of an IAS, the list will not end soon. We are fascinated with the salaries & perks as […]

Life of an IAS Officer : Career Growth

This article will show you how the career of An IAS officer grows. Well, we all know that it’s difficult to be an IAS officer. But, apart from the selection, this reputed career grows with a very disciplined life. There are so many stages in the life of an IAS officer.Lets’s have a look:The following […]

Best IAS Coaching in Chandigarh – Online PCS Coaching

Our aspirations play an important role in our life. Not only are they our goals but also they gradually become the purpose of our lives. A person who has no aspirations ends up losing the meaning of his/her life. Some of us wish to be able to repay our motherland. However, not neglecting our own […]