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JPSC Coaching in Ranchi

JPSC Coaching in Ranchi

Divine IAS Academy is one of the most premier institute for the preparation of best JPSC Coaching in Ranchi. The preparation of JPSC requires hard work dedication and consistency apart from all the given qualities students needs to have mentorship by experienced teachers who can guide the students through out the journey of preparation.
Hard work only pays if it goes with right strategy, here in Divine IAS Academy we believe in giving not only the teaching but a complete support to all the students which safeguard them from all the negativity which may come due to few failures. Our team works not only to develop the knowledge among the students but also works tirelessly to help them to express their knowledge in efficient and desired manner. All the aspects of examination are being taking care properly with special doubt clear sessions along with regular tests are organised to help students and to make them more confident.

Best JPSC Coaching in Ranchi

Our team includes 15 faculty members all with years of experience in teaching and mentoring civil services aspirants including JPSC coaching exam in Ranchi,our Director Mr. K. K. Sharma with more than 15 years of experience guided hundreds of students in achieving their dreams to become the civil servant. We have 1 year course for graduate students in which foundation and advance level course which enable them to crack Prelims, Mains & Interview even in their 1st attempt

  • Integrated course for +2 pass & 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students through which enables them to prepare examination while doing their graduation
  • Test series for prelims & Mains examination of JPSC and IAS (Based on the latest pattern)
  • Crash Course – Prelims & Mains
  • Interview guidance program by Ex-civil Servant, University Prof., colonel’s, & our senior faculty.
  • Our comprehensive study material is also available along with mind maps notes for all the aspirants.
  • Divine Ias Academy believe in matching with the latest technology so we have developed our own web portal & software(play store application, IOS store application) to provide flawless& live interactive classes with recording facility in case you missed an live lecture.


Paper Question Marks Duration
General Studies 100 100 2 Hours
CSAT 100 100 2 Hours


Paper Subject Marks Duration
1 Paper I: General Hindi and General English 100 3 Hours
2 Paper II : Language and Literature 150 3 Hours
3 Paper III: Social Sciences, History and Geography 200 3 Hours
4 Paper IV: Indian Constitution, Polity, Public Administration and Good governance 200 3 Hours
5 Paper V: Indian Economy, Globalization, and Sustainable development 200 3 Hours
6 Paper VI: General Sciences, Environment & Technology Development 200 3 Hours


Indian History The history of Jharkhand
Indian Geography Jharkhand Movement
Indian Politics and Governance Socio-cultural movements and lineages of
Economic and sustainable development Jharkhand's Cultural progress
and Development
Science and Technology Jharkhand's Literature
Questions pertaining to the state of Jharkhand Jharkhand’s coverage of industries
Current events from National and
International news
Goverment Policies and Majore Reforms
Environmental safety and General Awareness Environment and safety concerns, wildlife,
vegetation, habitat, etc.


Essays Oriya Language
and Literature
History : -
  • Ancient period
  • Medieval Period
  • Modern Period
  • History of
Comprehension Bengali Language
and Literature
Geography : -
  • Physical Geography
  • Physical and Human
    Geography of India
  • Natural Resources of
    India: Development
    and Utilization
  • Geography of Jharkhand
    and utilization of its resources.
  • Population
  • Industrial and Urban
  • Pattern on Urban Settlement
    and Pollution problems.
Grammar Urdu Language
and Literature
Precis Sanskrit Language
and Literature
English Language
and Literature
Hindi Language
and Literature
Santhali Language
and Literature
Panchpargania Language
and Literature
Nagpuri Language
and Literature
Mundari Language
and Literature
Kurux Language
and Literature
Kurmali Language
and Literature
Khortha Language
and Literature
Khadia Language
and Literature
Ho Language
and Literature
Indian Constitution & Polity : -
  • Preamble, salient features of the Indian
    constitution, Fundamental Rights and
    Duties, Directive Principles of State Policy
  • Union Government
    (Executive and Legislature)
  • Judiciary
  • State Government (Executive, Legislature,
    Judiciary, Panchayats and Municipalities)
  • Centre-state relations
  • Special provisions relating to the
    administration of Scheduled Areas
    and Scheduled Tribal Areas.
  • Emergency provisions of the constitution
  • Election Commission of India
  • Political parties and pressure groups
National Income Physical Science
Public Administration and Good Governance : -
  • Public Administration
  • Public and private administration
  • Union Administration – Central Secretariat,
    Cabinet Secretariat, Prime Ministers Office,
    Planning Commission, Finance Commission
  • State Administration- State Secretariat,
    Chief Secretary, Chief Ministers Office
  • District Administration
  • Personnel Administration
  • Delegation, Centralization and
    decentralization of authority
  • Bureaucracy
  • Development administration
  • Disaster Management- causes, mitigation,
    classification of disasters, immediate and
    long term measures.
  • Good governance – Lokpal, Lokayukta,
    Central Vigilance Commissioner, grievance
    redressal, right to service act, right to
    information act, right to education act,
    consumer protection act, domestic violence
    against women (prevention) act
  • Human Rights – concept, meaning, universal
    declaration of human rights, National Human
    Rights Commission, State Human Rights
    Commission, terrorism, social issues.
Inflation Life Science
Demographic features Agriculture Science
Agriculture and Rural economy Environmental Science
Industrial economy Science and
Technology Development
Public finance
Public expenditure
Fiscal Policy
Indian monetary and banking system
Indian Trade, Balance of
Payment Sustainable Development,
Economic Issues, and
Indian Development Strategy
Meaning and Measurement of
Economic Development
Role of Foreign capital and
technology in the growth of economy
Sustainable development
Poverty and Unemployment
Food and nutritional security
Globalization of Indian Economy
Agriculture sector
The economy of Jharkhand –
features, issues, challenges, strategies

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