Since when the lockdown has been announced, we as a responsible citizen are following lockdown due to COVID-19. All companies, restaurants, factories have been closed and so are the schools, college and coachings. As we all know that many of the exams are approaching in few months, it is really difficult to prepare for the competitions while sitting at home.


Divine IAS Academy, with its willingness to help our students in any situations is presenting few tips, that will definitely help aspirants to crack IAS successfully.

We, are also listing here how you can use the best use of e-resources available at our website


  1. Take this lockdown time as a blessing: First of all you have to believe that these days are real blessings so that you can fill yourself with positiveness. You will get more and more time for your self- study.


  1. Believe you can:You have to strongly believe that you can crack IAS exam without any coaching at your home.


  1. Practice e-notes of Divine IAS Academy: The best IAS coaching in Chandigarh & Ranchi brings you an exclusive collection of e- notes to help you and support your preparations.

Please visit: . Enroll & get the best notes that will take you ahead in                    achieving success.

You can download demo notes also.


  1. Enroll to get the best mind maps:Importance of mind maps can only be understood by an IAS aspirant. These mind maps help you in getting the nerve of the concepts as well as help you to memorize them.

You can get enrolled in Divine IAS Academy- Mind maps

We have a collection for

  •  Indian Polity Mind maps
  • Ancient History mind Maps
  • Modern History mind Maps


  1. Give a boost to your preparation any divine test series: You can not go out for tests and coaching these days. Then, to assess your preparations, Divine IAS Academy is here with it’s test series available on

We have specific test series for IAS- 2020.

To help you with the most difficult section- the current affairs, we have a specific test series for this section.

These tools and notes will definitely put you forward. So don’t wait & grab the opportunity. Enroll in e-notes, mind maps & divinetestseries.

How to Study for IAS at Home during Lockdown?

  Divine IAS Academy brings solution for your study at home

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