1. Complete syllabus coverage

2. Updated notes according to latest pattern

3. Notes in bullet point to focus on imp. Topics.

4. Our R&D team consistently monitoring the pattern of upsc & various state public service commission exams and accordingly the booklet notes to cover 90 to 95% questions asked in pre & mains examination

5. As a complimentary benefit to our students we also provide monthly e-magazine for current affairs whosoever will buy our notes

6. We provide separate booklets for pre & mains so students not need to buy any refrence or text books.

7. Our notes are prepared from NCERT , IGNU, Magazine & books so it is a complete package of study material for the student who want to become civil servant.

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History of India
Indian Polity Demo
Art Culture Demo
Important set of notes for IAS pre & mains exam-2020
Important Notes for IAS 2020 mains & prelims
Important Notes for IAS 2020 mains
Important Notes for IAS 2020 main exams
Important Notes for IAS 2020 exams
best notes to buy for IAS prelims 2020


Price For Postal:

1. UPSC (IAS) Notes for Prelims 2021: Rs. 4500 Pay Now

2. UPSC (IAS) Notes for Mains 2021: Rs. 6750 Pay Now

3. UPSC (IAS) Notes for Prelims and Mains(combo)2021: Rs. 9000 Pay Now

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Material for Notes:

Divine IAS Academy offers postal course for all the aspirants who either live in remote areas or due to their other engagements or job they cannot join our regular courses. We provide complete study material for Prelims and mains in both Hindi and English medium. Along with the notes of subjects our postal course offer them e-current affairs notes on weekly and basis. The details of our postal course are given below:

Sr. No Subject Booklet
1 Indian History & Art & Culture 1+1
2 Indian Polity &Constitution 1
3 Geography 1
4 Indian Economy 1
5 General Science 1
6 Science & Technology 1
7 Environment 1
8 Current affairs Notes
Total Booklet 8
Sr. No Subject Booklet
1 Indian Heritage & Culture 1
2 Modern Indian History 1
3 World History 1
4 Geography of world and society 1
5 Governance 1
6 Polity & Constitution 1
7 Social Justice 1
8 International Relations 1
9 Science & Technology 1
10 Biodiversity
11 Environment
12 Economic Development 1
13 Internal Security & Disaster management 1
14 Ethics, Integrity Aptitude 1
Total Booklet: 10

Along with total 18 booklets we will provide weekly current affairs e – notes to all of our students. We also provide mind map notes (with extra payment) to our students for quick revision and way to remember easily purpose.