Mind map is an innovative way to understand and memorizing the various topics of GS (Prelims) also helpful in memorizing important facts for mains too. We have worked hard to compile all the topics from NCERT and other Govt. publications books to give you very comprehensive material which is not bulky. Current affairs are also covered in the mind map series which we will provide 15 days before the prelims examination. It is an effort to give you only those topics which are important for your examination either UPSC or any other state civil services examination. Mind map is also helpful for aspirants of other competitive examination like: CAPF (Assistant Commandant), CDS, BANK PO, SSC etc. It will help you to cover all the topics in a very limited time and effort.

We have revised our mind maps which cover more topics and help you memorize more.

Mind map are available in three different ways:
1) Mind map through mail: Rs 8000/
2) Mind map in Pen drive: 8000/+1000 (Postal cost+ Pen drive cost)
3) Printout set of mind map (Black & white): 9000/+ 500 (Postal cost)

Soft copy will be sent you through mail only.

You can download the Demo Mind Map below.

Mind Map Index

Get All Mindmaps : Soft Copy : ₹ 8000/-
Get All Mindmaps : PEN Drive : ₹ 9000/-
Get All Mindmaps : Hard Copy : ₹ 9500/-

Only soft copy is available

Modern history mind maps

modern history mind maps
Modern history mind maps by divineiasacademy-ias coaching in chandigarh
mind maps of modern history

Ancient history mind maps

mind map-ancient history
mind map-ancient history
ancient history mind maps-vedic literature by ias coaching in chandigarh -divineiasacademy

Indian polity mind maps

Indian polity mind maps-election commission
indian polity mind maps -CAG by divineiasacademy-ias coaching in chandigarh
indian polity mindmaps by ias coaching in chandigarh