Importance of Mind maps in IAS, PCS exams

In this competitive world and the era of the competitions, one has to be perfectly prepared for the exams. To achieve this perfection, we need a perfect blend of knowledge, Hard work & Time. Mindmaps play a very crucial role in one’s success in competitive exams like IAS, PCS, UPSC, etc.

Mindmaps: As the name suggests, do mapping over our head of certain topics. These are the picture summary of the topic which stays in our mind longer than what we normally memorize. With such a vast syllabus it is really difficult to keep everything in our memory. We need to revise everything wisely. Mindmaps helps in saving our crucial time. 

Advantages of Mind maps in IAS exam:

  1. Clears the concepts of the topic.
  2. Easy to memorize.
  3. Saves our crucial time.
  4. If you don’t have time to revise a complete chapter, mind maps do wonders in such a case.
  5. Makes the understanding of the topic fester and better.
  6. It helps to remember everything you have learned.
  7. It helps in quick revision.
  8. Keeps you updated.

Thus, each aspirant of various competitions should practice mind maps. This practice will lead you to success.

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