IAS Exam is one of the most prestigious and considered as one of the toughest among competitive Exams. English Essay Paper is one of the nine papers of the UPSE IAS main Exam. In this paper, the candidate needs to write 2 essays of 1000-1200 words each. Essay Exam is of 250 marks of which each essay contributes 125 marks.

This paper tests your skills as well as your command over the English language.

This article will help you to write an effective Essay:

Before the Exam:

Essay writing requires a lot of practice. It’s not a kid’s play while appearing for such an exam. You need to practice a lot.

  1. Practice, Practice & Practice: Schedule your writing practice session every day or once in two days. This will help you in writing an essay for the main exam.
  2.  Learn new words: Enhance your vocabulary, not just learn new words but also you should use them in your daily life or your writing practice. This would help you a lot as the words will completely get absorbed.

While Appearing for the Exam:

In the Examination hall, try not to stress. You should try the following:

  1. Read the paper carefully.
  2. Try to find out which topic you can be best at, pick that one.
  3. Write in simple language but in a structured way.
  4. Don’t use impolite words.
  5. Use quotations wherever you can.
  6. Make sure not to be too judgmental, take a middle way instead.
  7. Don’t focus only on problems, suggest possible solutions too.
  8. Write like a future officer, not as a media person.
  9. With your skills, your intelligence will also be judged.
  10. Adding figures to your essay will help you in getting bonus points but make sure about the accuracy of the figures or else don’t use them.

Follow the following structure to write:

  1. Introduction
  2. History 
  3. Main Problem or issue
  4. Current Update related to the topic
  5. Any relevant Government Scheme(Add to get bonus points)
  6. Positive and negative aspects
  7. Obstacles or barriers
  8. Suggest Solutions

This way you will be able to write a good engaging essay that will be delivered the right way.

All the Best.


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