The global outbreak of COVID-19 has left the whole world on the knees. Super powerful countries are fighting against this virus & still not able to win over. No vaccine has been made to stop this pandemic. WHO has declared this as a Global Pandemic. This disease has infected almost every country in the world. Italy, USA, France, China almost every giant is struggling these days. 

India is also no exception. India has taken various steps so far as to break the chain of Coronavirus. Being a densely populated country, the repercussion of this epidemic could be really a disaster. Keeping this in mind, our government has taken a proactive approach to fighting with Corona. When all the highly equipped countries are not able to control this virus, Our government with the realization of having very limited resources has decided to lock down the country.



On 25th March 2020, Our honorable Prime Minister announced 21-Days National Lockdown. The Government of India imposed this lockdown in order to reduce the transmission further. 

Here it is a point to be noted that this step was welcomed by all. Especially the people in the health Industry, Police, other officials & common people who are working day and night against this Coronavirus took this step as a breakthrough. 

Before discussing the effects of lockdown, let us first know the reasons to take such a difficult step.

Reasons behind the National Lockdown:

1. The incubation period of the Noval Coronavirus is assumed to be of 14 days. Thus, it was supposed that the 21-Day national lockdown would help to track all those showing symptoms of the disease. 

2. Moreover, It was a step taken to ease the burden of health officials. Leading a normal daily routine was believed to emerge a large number of affected people. This could be really a dangerous situation for heavily populated developing countries like India.

3. The government also needed time to concentrate on creating an effective treatment plan. 21- Day national lockdown would be able to give the government time to take further actions.

4. India was keeping a close watch on the world when we have no cases of COVID-19. We have learned from the mistakes & the positive actions of other countries. Thus, It was seen that the lockdown was the only action required to break the chain of COVID-19.

Problems During Lockdown: 

To Lockdown the whole developing economy is not an easy step. The even USA, which is supposed to be the strongest developed nation announced lockdown when the situation got worse. Thus, for the country like India, it is just a big necessary shock.

  • For the Economy: Complete lockdown means no trading, no production, and thus no revenue generation. It would not be wrong to say that the Indian Economy would face the biggest6 shock ever even more than that at the time of Demonetization.
  •  Even while addressing to the Nation, PM Narendra Modi has stated,
  • If we are not able to manage this pandemic in the next 21 days, the country and your family will be setback by 21 years.”
  •  To manage the supply of essential items like food, medicines were really a tedious task so as to stop the panic among the common people.
  •  Lockdown had a massive impact on daily wage workers, small businesses, etc. And it is believed that the unemployment rate will increase as the aftereffects of the lockdown.
  • Since the supply chain is cut down during lockdown, Farmers are also anxious about their future. Moreover, wheat crops are ready to be cut, but a complete lockdown could harm the crops.

Steps were taken by the Government:

Our government has played a commendable job as during lockdown various safety & preventive measured has been taken.

  •  First, The Government has infused Rs 15,000 Crore extra amount to the public health care center.
  •  RBI has announced the cut in the repo rate to 4.4% resulting in the low cost of borrowing the money.
  •  RBI also advised all the banks to postpone all the EMIs or term loans of corporates as well as of the common public as they may find it difficult to deposit their loan amount.
  •  The Government announced a ₹1,70,000-crore relief package — Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana.
  • Moreover, for the construction labors, the Centre stated to the state Governments to transfer funds to the accounts of the laborers from the CESS account.
  •  The Finance Ministry has taken a big step by increasing insolvencies & bankruptcy proceedings from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1 crore.
  •  Government has taken several steps to make sure the feeding of the poor. All the state governments with Centre as well as NGO’s are working in this field.

To Look Forward:

Businesses, as expected, are running out of cash and need to be attended immediately or else will soon show an increase in unemployment, poverty and a very low economy.


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